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A resident-owned community

Who are Thistle ROC and ROC USA, LLC?

Thistle ROC strives to help MHCs in Colorado to transition from private ownership to resident-owned communities. Thistle works to coalesce the resident community into a viable decision-making entity while at the same time delivering a market-rate offer to the owner of the MHC. After purchase, Thistle provides ongoing technical assistance to the MHC’s Board of Directors on governance and financial capacity. To date, Thistle has assisted in creating 3 Resident Owned Cooperatives in 5 mobile home parks in the State of Colorado, helping to preserve over 119 homesites in Fremont and Boulder County. Thistle has a deep understanding of the ROC initiative. Since 2004 Thistle has owned Mapleton Mobile Home Park, a 135-site residential community on 14.5 acres in the heart of Boulder, CO. Thus Thistle is launching the Colorado ROC USA initiative from a position of strength after successfully owning and operating Mapleton for over 14 years.

ROC USA, LLCROC USA helps resident corporations buy their manufactured home communities or “mobile home parks” from private community owners. ROC USA is a non-profit organization with a mission of making quality resident ownership possible nationwide.

We do this by first focusing on communities that are for sale and where homeowners have a strong likelihood of success if they choose to work as a group and buy it. Second, we have assembled local and regional non-profits that we have trained and certified to assist resident corporations through the purchase process and beyond. Third, we have developed a specialized source of financing for resident corporations who wish to buy their communities.

We know that with opportunity, technical support, and financing,
homeowner groups can buy, preserve and improve their communities.
We know because we have helped more than 300 communities do just that.